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Our Value Proposition

DoticomCorp is the next generation of Manufacturing, Distribution and Costumer Purchase experience with a seamless integration to your business. We bring 10+ years of combined experience at a worldwide level.

Who Are We?

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Seles Expert
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Entrepreneur Visionary
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Young enthusiastic worker

– The company was created in 2013 by a Sales Expert Specialist , One Entrepreneur Visionary and a Young enthusiastic worker

– Doticom Corp has an Office in the Miami , Doral as well as in Shenzhen , China for Quality test controls.

Our Solution

Premium Parts & Accesories for Smartphone
Full Costumer Service 24/7
Extended Warranty 12 Month
In-Store Training Programs
bussiness optimization

Our Brands

Exclusive Distributor of Strategic Brands. Doticom Corp will deliver on agreed sales targets, developing and managing the different routes to market, providing seamless integration with our clients management.

imonster brand
Hoco Brand
GTool Brand

Bussiness Location

DotiCom Corp
The next generation of Manufacturing, Distribution and Costumer Purchase


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