Mining Rigs Hosting Services

Need Dedicated Hosting for your RIG's?

If you're looking for a suitable location to host your Antminer, ASIC or GPU mining equipment, we can help.

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Our hosting service provides the facility for you to house your mining equipment within our facility. So you still purchase and own the equipment, but we host it on our site and take care of your electricity, internet and maintenance.

We Don’t Take Any Cuts, You Keep 100% Of Your Mining Profits

We don’t take any cuts or commissions from your mined earnings. We totally understand you want all the Crypto you can get your hands on so we never take away from that, we just charge a monthly hosting fee which covers the services needed for hosting.

Full Support From Team of Expert Technicians

We built this company to help investors with no prior knowledge of the sector. You will have unlimited access to our wealth of knowledge, plus you will get your own personal account advisor who can remotely manage your equipment and advise on the best strategies.

Hosting Services

Our hosting facility includes the following benefits

Full Setup

We’ll setup and link your miner in our dedicated hosting facility

Remote Monitoring

Monitor the status of your equipment from anywhere at any time

Earnings To Your Wallet

Your earnings are delivered straight to your wallet

24/7 Support

Always on hand, we’re available to answer your questions and ensure your mining equipment is always running


Your investment is insured and protected with us in the event of a disaster

All In One

Our hosting plans include electricity and maintenance costs