Partner with Leaders in LATAM

The Network

Established partnerships across the region to develop project and achieve scalability through shared values.

The Network |

Experienced Team

The backbone to success – DoticomCORP’s industry-leading strong team of professional, friendly experts. Experience across all sectors and products. A positive ‘no-red tape’ attitude. DoticomCORP are here to help.

A History in Technology

For 10 years we have been growing with a direction and purpose. IT distribution has moved at pace and DoticomCORP have stayed at the forefront, earning the trust of customers and manufacturers alike.

Brand Champions

You have worked hard to get to where you are, and DoticomCORP will help you take the next step by advocating for and protecting the integrity of your brand.

We are problem solvers

Dedicated teams provide industry insight and in-depth product knowledge to find the solutions that work for you. As your business grows and changes, we finds new solutions to meet your needs.

Specialized Distributors

We represent IT vendors and their products and services. We market, sell and distribute those products and services to resellers and retailers.

Sustained Growth

We offer vendors unrivalled opportunities to grow their business by extending their market reach and amplifying the power of their commercial initiatives.
Distributor of Strategic Brands

Our Brands

Exclusive Distributor of Strategic Brands. Doticom Corp will deliver on agreed sales targets, developing and managing the different routes to market, providing seamless integration with our clients management.