Who we are | Doticom Corp

The leadership team not only possesses a vast and diverse industry knowledge and experience, but has also a well-rounded perspective to meet today’s and future challenges.

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Gabriel Moresco


Esteban Videla


Santiago Bottini


Michel Albretch

General Manager

Timeline | DoticomCORP

In December 2012, Gabriel Moresco and Esteban Videla co-founded Doticom Corp, a IT distributor servicing Latin America retailers with the export of IT products from their headquarters in Doral, FL.

That same year, they managed to establish partnerships with local distributors in top countries: Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Throughout the years, they have been growing their customer portfolio and their brand offerings positioning Doticom as a leader in distribution for South America.

Engagement Model | The recipe for success

We aim to create the best shopping experience with interactive solutions that eliminate barriers and offer a more valuable experience on the sales floor and more visibility of your brand. We focus on managing the display of your products and generating higher performance; providing a product categories segmentation, adapted to the market needs.

Account Targeting

Definition of key customers to target within South America and setting the sales goals for each one.

Building Product Portfolio

Building customer product portfolio adapted to market needs. Setting best selling portfolio per brand, category and season to match consumer profile at retail.

Readying The Team

Virtual and Onsite readiness to sales team conducted by Doticom.Focus on brand positioning, cross selling opportunities and driving sales conversations.

Results & Follow Up

Monitoring of sell in/sell out of merchandise, in units and revenue. Stockrotation analysis, restocking orders.